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Dominic Clemence, Director of Photography. Dominic and I have worked together a number of times and hi signature cinematography and practicality have benefitted each project hugely...
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“I worked with Dominic very closely indeed over a number of years as we made three series of the ITV drama KINGDOM. Dominic was the Director of Photography and, in the great tradition, also camera operator for all the shows we filmed. It was a fruitful and extremely rewarding experience. Dominic is not only the kind of lighting cameraman who can create remarkable scenes of beauty, depth, atmosphere and dramatic intensity, but is also equipped with the technical imagination and improvisational skills so especially necessary for location work in the old houses,country towns and wide landscapes that our drama necessitated.
All this allied to a temperament and professionalism that satisfied the sometimes outrageous demands for daily footage that producers will make on film crews these days. With very large numbers of pages to be shot each day, Dominic never wavered in his ability to make each set-up seem like an exciting new challenge rather than a burden to be overcome. I want to commend especially his sensitivity to the needs of script and actors. Unlike some in his profession, he really did read and understand the script every day and his collaboration with me, the rest of the cast, the directors and writers constituted the creative core of the series, of which he was a crucial part.
I should add that you would have to go a long way to find a kinder, more positive, equable and amiable a presence on a film set. His personal warmth and good nature set the seal on Dominic’s value as a gifted, creative and inspiring DoP. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”
Stephen Fry
“I worked with Dom when I set up Hetty Feather – now in its fifth series. I wanted this period drama starring 22 kids to look like a Dutch Master on a minimal budget!! And since time is money we couldn’t wait for lighting!  An impossible demand but Dom realised our aspirations and more with tiggerish enthusiasm and verve. His response is always ‘Let me find a way to give you what you want’. Needless to say the style he set still looks sumptuous, and we would never have achieved the impossible schedule but for Dom’s ingenuity, using lack of time and lighting set ups as tools to evoke a look that embraced natural minimal lighting of the piece with candles, and hand held lamps acting as light sources. Ingenious, collaborative, and full of ideas and energy.”
Paul McKenzie
Series Producer, “THE ATHENA”
“Dominic and I have worked together a number of times and hi signature cinematography and practicality have benefitted each project hugely. He is also a sensitive and nuanced Operator, which allows him to put script and performance at the centre of his work…something that’s really important to him and of course, it means the actors relax and enjoy working with him too. Professional expertise and wide experience allows Dominic to be flexible and swift without creative compromise…extremely valuable qualities appreciated by all.”
Jeremy Gwilt
“I have worked with Dominic for over fifteen years and he is without doubt my Director of Photography of choice. He is very imaginative and understands my working process completely. He never sees problems only solutions. He is a film maker with great insight and understanding of story and character. He is patient, efficient and has a great eye. And his understanding of a director’s creative working relationship with actors is second to none.”
David Drury